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KCC meeting tonight 19:30 2014-03-19 7:57:44 PM

The annual KCC social BBQ will be held in the Chartroom on Sunday 1st Sept at 14.00. 2013-08-19 12:33:15 AM

Shockerooney, weather still good! 2013-06-11 1:58:19 AM

A perfect day at Cumbrae Sailing Center 2013-05-31 9:25:58 PM

Excellent turnout for the "Baked Potato Bash" 2013-04-29 1:46:04 AM

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2013 AGM 2013-02-04 12:51:41 PM

Christmas Wishes 2012-12-24 12:10:23 PM

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Sailing season 2014 is just about to begin.

Our first event is the "Baked Potato Bash" at the Chartroom. You can find details of all this "here".A full list of all events can be found if you click .

It is a fact that any website is never complete. New and interesting content is what keeps us going back to it. So I'd like to hear from any members, past or present and gather photos, stories and history of the club. Please use the form at the bottom of the "Our Club" page. If you wish to submit photographs you must ensure that they have been taken by you or you can prove that you have all rights to them. If you have traditional photographs or documents that you won't let out of your sight then I'm happy to meet and I'll bring a document scanner with me.

The "Our Club" page includes links to the secure documents where you can find member details and other "member sensitive" information including the inventory of tools and how to borrow them.

current membership status

Kip Cruising Club has a limited membership based on the number of berths allocated by Kip Marina. Membership enquiries can be made to the Secretary.